😇 DIP: How Start and End are Powerful

Ed #42: Daily In-Pulse (DIP) TL;DR When you find yourself in moments where there is a new start and an old end, it's a powerful time to set conscious intentional choices for a frequency upgrade.

Hey, #fellowhighbrator!

It’s the start of a new week and the end of a new month. During such instances, I consciously look to start a new chapter in my life and end an old one. This is a powerful way to raise your vibration frequency.

First, identify the moments in your life where you feel there is a start and an end. This is everywhere! The world around you functions with a start and an end. The start of the day and the end of the night. The start and end of life.

Start and end are two powerful concepts that give birth to new realistic dimensions. The reason this is powerful is that two things happen:

  1. You have a conscious choice to begin something with a higher frequency

  2. You can consciously let go of something old that does not serve you

Every step you take is the beginning of something new and an ending of something old. During such instances, it’s nice to consciously make intentional choices that help you move closer to love.

How to implement this in your daily life?

Every new day you wake up to is one such instance. After you wake up, you begin as a new person and let go of the old you. Here is when you can journal:

  1. Today, I invite:

  2. Today, I let go:

It’s that simple! And a serious manifestation technique too!

Invite a high vibration frequency in your life you are looking for! You can invite love. Joy. Peace. Abundance. Happiness. A new job. Abundance f wealth. A friendly connection. Anything. There will come a moment in your day where you witness such high vibrations. And you will remember how your journal helped. :)

Let go of a low vibration frequency. This can be something that is not serving you for your highest good. You can let go of hatred, jealousy, anger. You toxic workplace. Your abusive friend. This also can be anything. And you will subconsciously make the right choices to let go of such situations.

By the way, this step is a part of my daily vibe-high printable worksheet. If you’d like one, simply reply to this email and let me know.

Community Conversation: What will you invite in your life today? And, what will you let go of?

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See you tomorrow! Sending you love and good vibes. #vibratehigher