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Ed 93: Daily In-Pulse TL;DR My thinking earlier was that minimalism implied I own less stuff. That’s only a part of it. I discuss how minimalism can be applied to everything else.

Hey, #fellowhighbrator - I hope the middle of this week is bringing you peace. I had an amazing mindfulness meditation session today and thought to write about this important topic. If you are already doing meditation on a frequent basis, you would want to share this with someone you know who needs this! If you do not meditate, it’s the best way to heal. All my programs and coaching lessons for higher vibrations involve a mix of spiritual and practical tools. Mindfulness Meditation is the backbone of my spiritual side of the process. All healing and personal transformation begin with meditation. It’s never too late to start. And if you want to extend one step further, explore mindfulness!

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Start Bringing Minimalism into your life

My idea of integrating minimalism into my life started during the third quarter of 2020. It started with having so many goals (and finishing none).  It was overwhelming. I wanted to get things done, have focus, and truly be in sync with what I truly wanted. That’s when I slowed down.

What minimalism really looks like, in a nutshell, is– having what truly matters in life. It’s not about having less but what is absolutely essential. It’s trivial versus the vital few. We have a choice to make decisions that truly help us increase our energy and not dissipate into external noise.

My thinking earlier was that minimalism implied I own less stuff. That’s only a part of it. I realized minimalism can be applied to everything else.

·        I started applying minimalism by identifying goals I really want to achieve. I finally identified three major goals for myself. Minimalism continued to help me identify three activities that I need to do for the three goals. This helped me become structured, focused and disciplined to execute my goals, with better choices.

·        I applied minimalism to another overwhelming part of my life at the time – my smartphone notifications. I realized my energy was interacting with too much online stuff. I quickly identified apps to uninstall. I muted notifications of apps I didn’t absolutely need notifications from. And I unsubscribed from YouTube channels and G-mail accounts that were making too much noise.

My energy levels are already at an all-time high. I am getting so much more done and confident about accomplishing my goals. It has truly changed my understanding of intentional living. I am continuing to incorporate minimalism into everything else.

Start incorporating minimalism in your life by asking three simple questions and of course answering them.

1.     Ask what truly matters most in your life?  It can magnificently reduce clutter and help you get closer to quality stuff with high vibes, of course ;)

2.     Ask where you are spending your time, energy, and effort? A weekly calendar is possibly the best resource to track what you are doing. Match it with what truly matters most and you will find things to ‘optimize’.

3.     Ask what is a priority? Make sure you are making space to create more. Create quality in your life by implementing things only of top priority and with a heavy heart, letting go of the rest.

In a world where distractions, busyness and doing more is a badge of cultural honor, bringing minimalism is even more difficult. But it’s a powerful shift to start raising your vibrations and productively doing more in life.

💙 Community Conversation: What truly matters in life to you?

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🎴 The Big Picture

Q) Spirit, what messages do you have for #fellowhighbrators today for their careers or businesses?

Page of Wands

You are eager to continue and create. Today you feel like carrying on and continuing the good work and everything that you've built for your career or business till now.

You might have faced some roadblocks in the past few weeks. However, you are now ready to move on and continue on your path of abundance. You are now ready to shine and share your gifts. You are also ready to accept abundance.

You might still have some work to be done on your self-worth and self-esteem. However, you are now ready to trust in yourself and have faith in the universe. You are taking action and that's the best way to raise your worth.

Today you are carrying infectious enthusiasm and youthful, creative energy. You are receiving new ideas and downloads at this time. You also have flashes of inspiration. Share your ideas and share your work. Your potential is limitless. You now have the fire to allow yourself into the dream.

🌈 High-Vibe Bites

💯 I am so happy with where I am in my life right now. I have been on track and course with my goals this year. I have realized, the reason I lost track of my wildest dreams and desires was my motivation. It starts to fade away, usually in the first or second week after I made an inspired decision to improve my life. However, with my 100 Days Life Project, I’m feeling immensely motivated frequently. It’s like a map and as long as I am going in the right direction, I am happy. My mindset is towards putting in the everyday work, yet seeing results patiently. This is truly helpful to me, and I am sure this project will be helpful for you too. I feel like creating the best next 100 days of life.

☀️ It’s so bright and sunny today! When you are having an amazing day, everything feels just right. So is my #Day47of100Daysof Joy! The sunshine, the trees, the plants, the birds, everything felt heightened to me today. I could feel myself blend with Nature. I am feeling extremely motivated to pack my bags and just go wherever Nature is calling me. For the next 100 days, I am performing an activity that gives me immense joy. What gives you joy?

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