😇 Is the hard way your only option?

Ed 97: In-Pulse TL;DR When you are stuck in a two-way crossroad, the only option for you to choose is the hard way, because the easy way will bring you right back to where you started.

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☄️ What’s Vibing This Week

Imagine you're on your favorite hiking vacation!

You are walking on a dirt road in the hills, with green fields as far you can see. The sky is shining blue, the air is electric, and every breath you take is exhilarating.

After walking for a few hours, lost in thought, and blended with Nature, you arrive at a two-way crossroad. A big sign pointing right says 'The Hard Way,' and another sign pointing left says 'The Easy Way.'

When you look right, you see that the road winds its way up a mountain so tall the peak is obscured by clouds. The road is dirt and gravel, washed out in several places, and littered with rocks and debris.

No thanks, you think to yourself. No wonder the sign says 'The Hard Way.'

Looking left, you see that the road is freshly paved, winding gently down a hill, around a corner, and into the valley below.

Which way do you choose?



Easy, you think. Why would anyone in their right mind go right instead of left. Even the signs are clear — one way is easy, the other is hard.

As you begin to walk down the left-hand path, a voice stops you in your way.

"You sure you want to go down that path, friend?"

Startled, you look around but don't see anyone. "Over here," says the voice again. Sitting in the cool shadows of a neem tree, you see an old woman with a black cat. The light meows are carried away quickly with the blowing breeze.

"Who are you?" you ask.

"Me?" the old woman says, patting her cat. "People call me The Empress. You can call me that too if you like."

"The Empress?" You look around suspiciously. "Is that some kind of a game?"

The Empress laughs, gently patting her cat, and shakes her head.

"What did you mean when you asked if I'm sure I want to go down that path?"

"The paths are not what they seem," says the Empress. "Look closely and you'll see it's an illusion."

"An illusion?" you ask.

"Yes. What you think you see isn't real. You see the world through a lens that doesn't always serve you well. Someday you'll understand, and when you do, the illusion will disappear and everything will change."

"Help me understand, then," you say, less defensively than before. "I want to see what you see because the choice seems so obvious to me."

"I help only those who help themselves," the Empress says. "It's your journey. Your path. No one can walk that path for you."

"What's wrong with The Easy Way?" you ask, exasperated. "I'm willing to help myself. I want to learn. Please."

"OK," the Empress takes a long time to hug her cat, "if you promise to listen with an open mind, I'll help you see your options for what they really are..."

Sensing your confusion, the Empress points a long, skinny finger towards the crossroads, pauses for a moment, and then says, "look closely..."

First, you stare at the path labeled The Hard Way.

You see the mountain again, but this time there are no clouds obscuring the peak. Behind the first mountain, you notice another, slightly taller mountain, and behind that, an even taller mountain.

"I see a mountain...and behind it are...more mountains. They continue as far as I can see."


The Empress says nothing more. She just stares back at you with eyes that seem to sparkle with wisdom and life.

Next, you turn your gaze back to the crossroads, this time looking at The Easy Way.

That, too, looks like the way you first saw it. The smooth road descends gradually away from the two-way crossroad and eventually disappears around a corner.

You feel calm and content imagining walking that beautiful country road all the way to the valley below.

But, as you stare at the scene a little longer, you realize something's not quite right.

"I don't understand," you say. "I can see the road all the way to the corner, and I can see the valley below. But I can't see how to get to the valley — what happens to the road after it turns the corner and disappears out of sight?"

The Empress smiles and shakes her head. "Perhaps you should walk down that road for a while and see... that this is the illusion," says the Empress. "The Easy Way is captivating, and there's so much to see along the way. But, when you take The Easy Way, you don't actually get anywhere."

"What do you mean?" you stammer, fearful that you might be losing your mind. "I just walked for miles — how did I get back... here?"

"The promise of The Easy Way is excitement. But that excitement is at the expense of real progress. There's always something new, bright, and shiny to pursue, but eventually, no matter how far you think you travel, you always end up right back here where you started."

"But...if that's true, is my only option the hard way?" you ask, already knowing the answer.

"Correct," the Empress says.

Then, leaning in, she whispers just loud enough for you to hear: "The Hard Way doesn't have to be so hard if you're willing to learn how to climb mountains..."

💙 Weekly High!

Every Tuesday at 7:30 AM CT, our closely-knit community connects together for 30 minutes to work on a practical exercise and vibrate higher. Next week on 24th August, we will be having a ‘Full Moon Intention Setting’ setting exercise. You can join the Weekly High here. And, it’s free.

Last Tuesday, we worked on ‘Designing your Ideal Day’. I am so grateful to receive this feedback from one of our #fellowhighbrator who joined Weekly High:

“I am so happy that I joined this workshop…. It was short, easy, and quick to the point.. Practicing live with you helped me stay accountable and also reflect on how I would like my day to go. There are so many things that have come out that I can now implement differently and just make my day so much better! Just a small reflection with an actual human being at this time is really helpful. Thank you, Ricky, high vibes to you, and looking forward to joining the next sessions.” ~ Shefalika

🌈 High-Vibe Bites

💯 A good plan will involve a long-term vision backed by short-term goals. One of the biggest advantages that I realize while on my 100 Days Life Project is to create planning habits. Let me explain, when you have a plan to create something substantial, it’s all about building consistency in taking action. You will need to break down your big goal into smaller pieces. You will then assign these smaller pieces as milestones for 30 days. To achieve these milestones, you will need to break your milestone goals further. Long story short, you will need to take action daily, weekly, and monthly. That’s how all of it will add up. That’s when you will achieve your big goal. My 100 Days Life Project is helping me create my planning habits that are planning my month, my week, and my days. That’s how good results pile up.

☀️ I continue to enjoy my #100DaysofJoy. The weather is absolutely pleasant and stunning these days. Some days, I take casual strolls to breathe fresh air and feel the sunlight on my skin. Other days, I take a quick jog and heavily breathe the fresh air. Sometimes, I talk and connect with people. Therefore, a good environment will definitely induce a higher vibration in and around your life. There is no better high vibe environment than nature. If you have the opportunity to share your high vibe with beings around you, doesn’t that add joy? By the way, for the next 100 days, I am spending a minimum of 10-15 minutes in Nature as it gives me deep joy. What brings you joy?

⚡ What’s Vibing: Elsewhere

  • High vibrations inspire us, nurture us, heal us, and put us at ease; they are a supporting force. With low vibrations, we can experience doubtfulness, worry, blockages, sickness, perceived defeat, powerlessness, and imbalance. When you choose a higher vibration versus a lower one, you're taking your power back, elevating your life, and evolving. Lalah Delia shares 7 tips to vibrate higher that are still so simple ad evergreen

  • A small action daily is infinitely better and more impactful than a massive change you can’t sustain. It’s also a realistic and attainable way to teach your brain healthy habits. Here are 25 micro habits that can improve many areas of your life. Each action can help you build a sustainable habit over time — a consistent system that can deliver incremental results

  • Mike says feel good about small wins. If you plan to exercise for an hour at the gym, but just truly don’t want to do it, it’s way better to do ten minutes at home than to do nothing at all. In the long-term, the formation of these habits relies on consistency in a routine. Epic feats of mounting motivation don’t build habits. Taking an action over and over and over again does. Read this revolutionary strategy to form life-changing habits

📖 Today’s Best Read

Do not waste even a second on someone you are not. It’s important to understand who you are as a person. Only when you know who you really are, you will be able to become the person you are always meant to be.

Read: 11 Questions to know who you really are!

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I help you vibrate higher with easy, incremental, and holistic programs. My concept is to work daily with integrated actions for a sustainable higher vibration. Whenever you feel ready, here is how I can help you:

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