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Ed 96: In-Pulse TL;DR Simple reflection and documentation can help you create the biggest vibrational shift on your days. Design your ideal day with energy management and create a greater impact!

Hey #fellowhighbrator, how are you? Happy Friday It’s been one week since we last met and I am sure you have missed me the way I missed you. Thank you for being patient with the In-Pulse Newsletter as it continues to tune into the right frequency for you to upgrade. How was your last week? We are now publishing In-Pulse weekly and the Daily newsletter has come to a pause. I’m sure there is so much change and life that has happened in your life. I pray you to have so much love, joy, peace, abundance, and happiness when you read this email. I am creating (continuing to create) space in my life since the start of last week. During this time, I also got the opportunity to take a small vacation with my loved one. I realized more and more that high vibrations are mostly about dismantling, releasing, and letting go. I am still undergoing a lot of changes and looking to incorporate some more interesting things that help me make feel alive.

☄️ What’s Vibing This Week

When life has abundant opportunities to experience, it’s so important to create that perfect day! Wait, do you even know what your perfect day looks like?

I thought I did.

When I started my last quarter and the 100 Days Life Project, I had my day mapped out. But the more growth I have been experiencing, I have come to accept the fact that you change. You morph just like water. And you need to continue to flow and find your course along the wavy paths like a river.

Regardless of your work nature, every so often, it's a good idea to set aside some time and map out what your ideal workday looks like.

The reason: You can't work toward that ideal until you know what it is.

Sit down and write it out, hour by hour.

This week when I did this, I'm surprised by what I learn:

  • Sometimes I feel like I need to take more breaks from work and get more into nature. When that happens, sometimes I start feeling I should get more work done

  • I have also realized the kind of work I do matters so much. When you sit and write, you help your creative juicy ideas, as well as your organized structured thoughts, collide to create a blitzkrieg, bamboozling piece of art. How much of this matters to me?

  • I have also learned about my time when I create the best, a timezone where I can get the more routine tasks, and the times when my thinking is good. Also, the times when I feel like interacting more with people

Simple reflection and documentation can help you create the biggest vibrational shift on your days. Your days are measured, it’s all about how much impact of love you can create for yourself, your fellow humans, and the world. And the best way to do that is to work on one important concept.

Energy management. Not time management.

More specifically, how can you organize your energy to maximize your day with several different high vibe interests?

Simply documenting what you want your day to look like means you can then nail down what you want/need to accomplish each day, which activities you want to ritualize, etc.

Here's how I did this:

(Note: You can do this practice with me and other high vibe beings on my Live Workshop: Creating your Perfect Day. This is on Tuesday, 17th August at 7:30 am CT -USA
(join as per your converted time zones)

  1. I wake up at ____________.

  2. Before I jump out of bed, I spend _____ minutes doing ___________.

  3. I get up and start doing ___________

  4. Before I start my work for the day, I spend _____ minutes doing ___________.

  5. I start working at __________.

  6. The first thing I do when I start working is _____________________________.

  7. My first break is around ________, and during that time I ___________________.

  8. Once that’s done, I devote ___________ time to ___________________ (task). With any remaining time, I do ______________ before lunch.

  9. For lunch, I take a _____________ minute break and eat something like _______________.

  10. After lunch, I take care of _______________________ (task) for ___________ (time).

  11. My next break is _____ minutes long, and during that time I _________________(task).

  12. I wrap up the rest of the afternoon with ___________________(task/activity).

  13. I’m done working for the day at ____________.

  14. If I have any spare time during the day, I fit in some _________________ (tasks).

It's worth experimenting to figure out what model is most successful and productive for you. Using those answers, you can put together a prioritized to-do list (with the most important things first) and then create a loose schedule for me, usually one week at a time.

💙 Community Conversation: What does your ideal workday look like?

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🌈 High-Vibe Bites

💯 When you take a break, you have lots of things in perspective. This helps you steer your direction to your end result in a way when you can see things clearly. I am making so many strides with my 100 Days Life Project. Mostly it’s about incorporating a sweet balance of work and play. My biggest investigation was on my work and the extent of impact I would like to create. This has led to a series of multiple skills and crafts that I can now begin exploring. Also, when you do get onto something like a 100 Days Life Project, you seem to accept the fact quickly that most of the things in life are a long-term game and it’s the journey that’s beautiful than the end result. The sooner you adopt a mindset of long-term growth, the easier it will be for you to put that into practice in the short term.

☀️ The last week has been wonderful for me! Now that I would not be able to update you on my daily schedule, I do journal my days as I go along. Once the journal is complete, I will create a small blog post indicating all my days and experiences with my #100DaysofJoy. My weekend started off in a natural resort with so much nature, sunlight, and water. This has helped me relax, rewind, and come to terms with what truly matters in life. This is ongoing too. Tomorrow, my realization might be bigger and better. However, on my #Day56of100DaysofJoy today, I continue to spend some time taking a slow walk. A slow walk is enjoyed the most. While I continue to breathe the Sunshine on my face, I also get to sniff some refreshing scent of jasmine. By the way, I am spending the next 100 days spending at least 10-15 minutes in Nature as it gives me immense joy. What brings you joy?

⚡ What’s Vibing: Elsewhere

  • I have been guilty of sitting on my chair since the shift of the pandemic began. There is no more hustling, running, or catching stairs. All you’ve gotta sometimes do is run from your seat (while you scroll on your phone and occasionally release waste) to your desk (where you sometimes read, write, talk, and watch the sky). Certified yoga instructor and health coach, Juanina Kocher stays Sitting is the next smoking (couldn’t agree more) and shares 8 tricks to help you sit less and protect your mental health

  • Hosted by Rudá Iandê - the world’s renowned shaman and shamanic breathwork creator, sign up for a free video training on how to use breathwork to release energetic blocks, dissolve stress, do away with anxiety, and find inner peace. You will also find to boost creativity, vitality, create personal power, and have an empowering relationship with yourself

  • Listen to this 46 minutes podcast on Psychobiotics & the best foods for managing stress. They discuss how your food affects your stress, plus what we’re still getting wrong about nutrition & brain health. They also talk about the best supplements for mental health, how a vegan diet affects your brain, and the connection between psychobiotics & depression

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