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Ed 91: Daily In-Pulse TL;DR To find acceptance, understanding the depth of your low vibration is important. With a higher vibration, you remain in the frequency by accepting your current situation

Hey #fellowhighbrator, Happy Monday! How was your last month of July? Yesterday was a powerful time to just reflect and plan my goals and what I want to achieve in this month of August. I love these transitions that have a start and an end, it gives you time to look back, and then look forward. This leaves you with a lot of inspired feelings!

Yesterday was spent on relaxing, self-care, and detoxification. I realized that my body felt very heavy with the food. I've set my goal to eat lighter this month. With my juicing detox yesterday, I felt a little out of energy though. However, today I feel uplifting, healthy, and light. I'll look to now incorporate my juice fast every week until my body slowly finds acceptance.

☄️ What’s Vibing Today

There are many incidents that have happened in your life. Some incidents are good and that results in higher vibrations. These are easy to accept. However, there are some incidents that are a little difficult to process and leaves some scars that are emotional or fundamentally disturbing in nature. As humans, on this planet, and in this life, what we experience is a spectrum. A spectrum of positive situations in life and negative situations in life.

Acceptance is something that helps you to come down to point zero. Point zero is where you can start absolutely fresh. Point zero is like a middle ground of high vibrations and lower vibrations. When you find acceptance from a lower vibration spectrum, you come back to this middle point which is point zero. When you are on a high vibrational scale, you remain at that high vibration scale and do not fall back to point zero.

In the low vibrational spectrum, there are some incidents that are deeply dramatic and may take some time for acceptance. We find this in the extremely low vibration spectrum (right at the bottom). There are some situations or incidents where we might just have some sort of judgment. These judgments are relatively on a higher vibration in the low vibrations spectrum.

To find acceptance, it is easier to start with things that are near the middle point. This is mostly in cases where there is judgment, criticism, and low vibration belief that you find yourself with. To find acceptance with these, here are three things you can do:

1. Find gratitude. Gratitude helps you to come back to the moment and accept everything that is happening in your life right now. This is the easiest way to find acceptance. To find gratitude, just write down three things that you are grateful for every day.

2. Journal. When you journal, it's usually your ego-based thoughts, patterns, judgments that are in light and within reach of your subconscious. A journal will help you get clarity and find peace. This will bring you closer to finding acceptance.

3. Mindfulness: Mindfulness allows you to come back to the present moment. It helps you become aware of your thoughts and feelings. With this newfound awareness, it's easier for you to understand what is acceptable and what is not. This in turn helps you define acceptance with your current situation in life.

To find acceptance for situations that are traumatic and towards the extreme lower end of the low vibration spectrum, some of these methods might help:

1. Healing your core beliefs: Your core belief is what brings out your deeply rooted thoughts, patterns, feelings, emotions, and toxic habits. Identifying and changing your core belief will help you find deeper acceptance in life.

2. Healing your inner child: Your inner child got several wounds and for protection, has created some egocentric layers. You can find acceptance by understanding and revealing your layers to heal your critical inner child.

3. Therapy: Therapy is always helpful when you are dealing with something that's traumatic in your life. Understanding your trauma and seeking proper therapy you can find acceptance in your life.

Finding acceptance is truly important to bring your life in the right direction. A lot of times, you accept something that is lower vibration as a part of your identity. You need to accept that as a high vibration being, you hold the power to keep rising and growing spirituality with personal transformation. This acceptance will always help you be in a state of growth. 

💙 Community Conversation: Where are you finding acceptance in your life today?

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🎴 The Big Picture

Q) Spirit, what messages do you have for #fellowhighbrators for their careers or businesses today?

Knight of Pentacles

The knight of pentacles is someone who has achieved a lot and is on a journey towards greater abundance. I feel you are already on a path towards success and having that belief that you will be able to manifest the life of your desires. The spirit and the universe are helping you in unimaginable ways in taking you places.

You are also making sure to use everything that you achieved to good effect. This may be in terms of investments, your efforts into project ideas, and the abundant relationships that you have created. Every seed that you sow is going to bloom and manifest into a wonderful abundant fruit. Keep going where you're going and know the spirit is always there with you and guiding you towards great abundance.

The knight of pentacles indicates diligence, hard work, determination, building material security, safety, and expansion. You are working hard and enjoying every minute of it. You are practical in your approach and improving with consistent momentum. Everything that you take care of today will multiply tomorrow. Sometimes this might feel repetitive but you need to continue finding joy in your progress. The journey is the fruit. Seed by seed, you plant your future with the rock study foundation of faith. 

🌈 High-Vibe Bites

💯 It's all about the momentum. When you do put in the effort on a weekly basis, you do find momentum. Around 32 days have already passed in my 100 Days Life Project. There have been some massive movements in terms of my goals and habits during the last month of July. When you look back in hindsight and track your goals and habits, you truly understand how far you have come and how much there is still left to go. Isn't that what the journey is all about?

☀️ It's a sunny day and I've come to my home that's amidst nature. There's this ground that always helped me play my sports. I spent an incredibly awesome time in the evening on my #Day45of100DaysofJoy running, walking, and lunging in this ground under the evening Sun. When you find yourself at home, you also find incredible joy. However, this joy magnifies when you are consciously creating joy in your life too!

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