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Ed 94: Daily In-Pulse TL;DR I have realized that patience is one of those successful qualities where success feeds on itself. Being patient allows me to keep perspective with people around me.

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☄️ What’s Vibing Today

Have you heard the term ‘Love is patient? Well, patience is a quality of the heart. And this quality can be deliberately practiced to bring quality to your relationships. It helps you and the people around you. Although some people are naturally patient (if you are into the zodiac, Taurus), some people are naturally impatient (me, an Aries).

Patience is important for me personally, as a large part of my life continues to be filled with stimuli. I have realized that patience is one of those successful qualities where success feeds on itself. Being patient allows me to keep perspective with people around me. I can remember, even in the midst of a difficult situation, or a confrontation, that the challenge that lies before me isn’t “life or death” but a minor obstacle that is to be dealt with.

Patience allows you to truly connect

With patience, you can truly listen. You can express your thoughts with clarity. You can feel your emotions with depth. You can meet decisions with certainty. This allows you to become emotionally intelligent to yourself and the people around you. That sense of calm allows people around you to connect truly with you. And not to mention, all the unnecessary yelling, frustration, and disagreement helps you flow with ease with people.

It requires patience to build patience.

No not the chicken-egg problem here, but it really helps to intentionally and consciously be patient to develop patience. Although I am still learning to be more patient, here are some ways that are helping me:

  • Creating patience practice periods: You can start with as little as five minutes and build up your capacity for patience, over time. Say to yourself “Cool, for the next five minutes I won’t allow myself to be bothered by anything. I’ll be patient.” Your intention to be patient, even for a short while, immediately strengthens your capacity for patience.

  • Driving with patience: This is something that has really helped. I now drive 5-10 units of speed lesser than what is permissible on the roads. I also allow a 2 car distance between me and my car in front of me. This not only helps me to develop tolerance but also clears traffic much quickly ;)

  • Treating relationships as Gold to build patience: I now look forward to talking to everyone around me with intentional patience. When I notice something getting on my nerve, that’s when I really build myself up to be patient and a little more understanding. This practice is Gold.

💙 Community Conversation: How will you build patience today?

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🎴 The Big Picture

Q) Spirit, what messages do you have for #fellowhighbrators today for their careers or businesses?

Queen of Swords

The vibe I am receiving is that of thinking and reflection. Spirit asks you to think about your next course of action for your business or your career. It's important to sit down and plan on how you want to play the field.

It says you already have acquired some really valuable skill sets, and have also reached a milestone or some position lately. Maybe one of your business goals has concluded or you have received a promotion.

Spirit also tells me to listen to your intuition, your angels, and your divine support for certain answers. Trust that the divine always wants what's best for you. You have different goals in mind. Reflect on the path that will give the most value.

Choose the best option with an open mind and an open heart. A clear heart and a clear mind will allow you to speak the truth always.

Spirit says that you are already a thought leader and are making wise unbiased decisions. Communicate with integrity and honesty and be direct in seeking the truth. Be honest in your relationships and bring clear head reasoning to the table.

🌈 High-Vibe Bites

💯 I am moving forward, with working on my own 100 Day Life Project. I am looking at my four most important aspects like Health, Relationships, Work, and Hobbies. When you intend to grow and raise your vibrations, it all comes under these four aspects. A holistic life growth happens when you slowly, incrementally, and every day, work on growth in all these aspects. And working on this is really exciting for me! When you work holistically, your focus is to work on multiple things together with consistency.

☀️ Compounding is real. When you start something positive, you will not notice its effects in the initial days. When you work on yourself, you have to accept and understand it’s a long game. My #Day48of100DaysofJoy is strongly helping me realize that. I feel my internal behavior is shifting. For example, on days when I am highly frustrated, I am choosing better to remain quiet in solitude and process it better. I am sure my 100DaysofJoy challenge is slowly helping me shift in all areas of life. For the next 100 days, I am performing one activity that gives me immense joy. Spending at least 10 minutes in Nature gives me joy. What brings you joy? Reply to this email and let me know :)

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