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Ed 92: Daily In-Pulse TL;DR A life of Ikigai makes purpose a high priority and helps you to take action with each day. A little bit of meaning every day turns your life into a lifetime of joy!

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☄️ What’s Vibing Today

Do you like having SMART goals? I have a SMART goal to get smarter this month by reading 2 books! I completed How to Ikigai from an author. I feel the synchronicity was magical. It has definitely helped me move closer to my purpose, and create with high-vibe intention.

Ikigai originated in the microscopic islands of Okinawa, Japan. Back in the Heian period, the Ama (renowned female divers, known for their ability to dive deep into the waters) gathered oysters that were as valuable as gems in Asia. Ama start their training when they are young girls and continue to dive when they are old. The Japanese are well-known practitioners in the art of mastery of whatever they pursue. 

The Ikigai Venn - A modern Ikigai Representation?

You must have surely noticed the commonly referenced figure - an Ikigai Venn diagram of four circles arranged in a diamond. It is a modern interpretation provided by philanthropist Marc Winn in 2014. Ikigia is a purpose. By exchanging one word, Mark Win has given the world a great gift: a searchable infographic that is a simple map to life’s purpose.

I personally like the metaphor of Ikigai to a purpose map. Ikigai is not a one-time affair, but a daily journey to come closer to your purpose. Your Ikigai is distinctive to you, as unique to you as the iris of your eye. So how do you find it? The answer lies in the four simple directions:

1..What do you love

2. What are you good at?

3. What does the world needs?

4. What can you be rewarded for?

As simple as the direction seems, it might be difficult to execute. Each of the above questions brings full clarity to your Ikigai. Your answers will come to you through your efforts. And a life of Ikigai makes purpose a high priority to take action with each day. A little bit of meaning every day turns your life into a lifetime of joy. Truly, Ikigai is a map that you follow directions to every day.

Starting with Half-Ikigai:

You can discover your Ikigai In parts. It’s like solving one part of the puzzle. You can climb up your levels. Start by doing, understanding, and realizing what you are good at.  Once you identify the many things you are good at, ask what you love. It may take many attempts but you will soon get a Eureka moment! Whenever you do find your half-Ikigai, you will feel good. The most important thing about doing what you are good at and doing what you love is that you will feel rewarded. Keep working on your half-Ikigai and slowly it will convert to your full-Ikigai.

The key to Ikigai (Iki - life, Gai - worth) is to do what you are meant to do. You have gifts that are waiting to be put to good use. Understanding Ikigai is a way to put your gifts to use, so you can enjoy its rewards. Ikigai is a part of a balanced life that is productive and enjoyable.

💙 Community Conversation: What are you good at?

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🎴 The Big Picture

Q) Spirit, what messages do you have for #fellowhighbrators for their careers or businesses today?

8 of Wands

The 8 of wands represent many ideas, people, and all your energies, coming together for a common purpose. This indicates everything that you have been working on and all the pieces of the puzzle that have been leading you up to this point is coming to react together and create a beautiful creation.

If you have been investing your assets, money, or wealth in different areas, they are going to sum up pretty well and bring you financial abundance.

Regarding your business, every piece of your puzzle is coming up on its own and bringing you closer to your desired outcome.

Recording your career you have been working hard for some time and now things will finally fall into place. All your intentions will be noticed your hard work will be seen people will be talking about you. Your good work will add up in multiple ways.

The 8 of wands also indicates quick decision making positive resolutions and good news. Continue to take action you know like a sprint. You feel inspired fairy positive and now you are ready to act.

🌈 High-Vibe Bites

💯 Today, a lot of reflection and work in detail went into my 100 Days Life Project. I reflected mainly on four key aspects that complement each other and create a huge momentum and shift in my life. I am slowly starting to take in and understand the impact of this project. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to put this into practice in my own life! It really helps to be in a reflective phase and understand what's working and what’s not. It’s like a small detour to move closer to your Ikigai and your purpose as you keep moving forward and growing. It’s not about the outcome, it’s about the impact!

☀️ My #Day46of100DaysofJoy was to take this happy joyful walk to the park. It’s getting sunny here, and I really wanted to take my notebook and write my reflection from the park itself. However, the temperature did soar and I had to come back home. When the vibe is warm and sunny, there’s a different vibe altogether in Nature. It’s really nice to enjoy the sun and the warmth. Btw, I am spending the next 100 days in Nature and the Sun for at least 10 minutes as this brings me immense joy. What brings you joy?

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When you are vibrating higher, it's not about focusing on one aspect of your spiritual life. It's about working together in a holistic way on multiple aspects together.

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