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Ed 90: Daily In-Pulse TL;DR Sending an invitation, building relationships, asking the right questions, understanding your audience needs and serving them with the right solutions creates high-vibe biz

Hey #fellowhighbrator, Happy Friday Here’s the end of another week and a weekend to begin. However, lately, it feels like there s little difference between a weekday and a weekend, All of them seem days to me. Today, my mood is slightly off! It started with a relatively shorter sleep, where I woke up very early naturally. Although I’m happy I got to see the Sunrise after some time, I would have loved to have more sleep. I feel I will go back to sleeping early. Anyways, when was the last time you witnessed a sunrise?

I’m feeling quite good, especially with certain projects moving in the right direction. I am happy to write here with this Daily In-Pulse Newsletter that gives me an outlet to share and express myself. I never thought I would be sitting someday writing on a laptop and sharing about my life with people. But here I am. I have no clue how I got to this place, what strings were pulled, and which circumstances truly led me to write these words, but I am happy. I’m happy to be called a writer and I am happy to write to you. When I share good vibrations, I usually tend to vibrate higher too! So I thank you!

☄️ What’s Vibing Today

I have been involved in building two to three side hustles. Highbrate is one of them. The prime reason for me to work on my side projects is to experience financial and scheduling freedom, do things that bring me more joy, spend more time with my loved ones, experience growth in my skillsets, and have fun! Yes, I have fun when I look to create something that serves a human being. Starting something with the right reasons gives you the passion to continue and have fun.

While working on these multiple side hustles, there is one simple system that I am now following. Of course, this is still under experimentation in terms of results. However, I’d love to share a process that I currently follow to serve people with solutions for problems they need. Wait, let me start with what I was doing earlier.

I had been implementing complex systems and performing data analysis on models. I was tweaking the way my website looked and making sure the font was absolutely what was required. My biggest learning – I was doing all that except doing the real work –to serve an audience that really needs help.

That’s when I realized it was so easy to do 10 different things when you do start your business. That’s where you need to focus and shift. After all these years of doing the work and some big lessons, here is an extremely simple online business system that will help you stay focused and create income:

Saying Hello (Introduction)

This can be anything that introduces you to someone you would like to help.  There are many ways that someone could be introduced to your work or brand. You can post regularly on social media; post blogs, post videos, or create assessments for your audience. Anything that helps you create value for your audience. Choose what you are comfortable in and what makes sense to you and your audience. Also, it is wise to put our focus on one or a maximum of two channels.

  • Build Relationship: When you say hello, make sure you build a good relationship. It’s similar to how your mom taught you to be nice and cordial to people in real life.

  • Research: Understand your audience. Ask the questions when you say hello. Ask them what are they doing here? How did they find you? What are they looking to learn from you? How can you help them? Understanding your audience is extremely important. I will write a deep article about market research in a new blog post.

Regular Meet:

Create value that helps your audience at a regular touchpoint. This can be something that you post regularly, a small community, or anything where they see you on a more frequent basis. It’s like inviting someone for a dinner party after you meet them and get to know them.

  • Build Relationship: While you do this, continue to build the relationship, and continue to do research. This time you may want to know the deeper.

  • Research: Your research can also improve. You can continue to find out more about your audience. You can ask them questions like: Where are they sending time online to find content like yours? Are they already paying for any of the stuff you create? Are they willing to pay? How well do some of the options look?

Serve to solve their problem:

Exchange energy of currency for the value you would like to deliver on a deeper scale. This can be through an online digital product. There can be many forms of a digital product such as e-books, email newsletters, email courses, video courses, video + audio + written courses, manuals, master class sessions, one on one private coaching sessions, group coaching sessions, etc. Your research will tell you what your audience wants.

💙 Community Conversation: Will you start a high-vibe business today?

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🎴 The Big Picture

Q) Spirit, what messages do you have for #fellowhighbrators for their careers or businesses for the weekend (July 30-Aug 1)?

The Chariot

The chariot is a major arcana card. The spirit says you are moving fast and in the right direction. You have a strong vision of where you want to go and where you want to be. You understand the polarities of the situation, the good and the bad, masculine and feminine.

You are backed by the divine forces that are helping you move your case forward. You have already achieved a lot and are striving for greater abundance. Spirit says to remain grateful for all that you have received and watch your manifestations come quickly.

The message that I'm also receiving is to stay connected with your spirituality. Make time for yourself, your self-care, and your peace. Make yourself a priority. You are doing great things in life and on the right path. Continue to move forward with the place that suits you well. 

The chariot represents victory, speed, action, determination, success, travel, confidence, willpower, and control. The universe is gifting you the opportunity to become the person you want to be. It’s a magical time to take some inspired action and push through you with your willpower and determination. You have a choice of who you become and you are running towards it with conviction and consistent motion.

🌈 High-Vibe Bites

💯 When you last traveled by road, did you continue to drive through the end of your journey or did you take breaks and stopped for rest at night? With my 100 Days Life Project, I am happy to take it easy and slow on some days. The last two days we absolutely crazy. Some tight timelines have helped me move fast in a few of my projects. Today, I will take it slow and easy. Some days, there is a lot that is happening. Other days it’s about the rest. It’s all about creating balance. But when you are on your journey, you are always moving forward. Even if that means taking some days a little lighter than the usual while giving space for days that might seem a lot. The best and the biggest lesson for me in the project is to not call it quits when things seem light. When you feel you have made very little progress, you continue with your goals and habits as you are now moving along a journey of 100 days.

☀️ It’s a fairly cloudy day today. There was a brief period of rain. However, mostly it’s the usual sunny, with a pinch of humidity. I do plan to take an evening walk or a workout (if I feel so) on my Day #Day44of100DaysofJoy, With this small challenge, one realization is certain. I am finding joy in a lot of different areas of my life. Life is a very complex web of inter-connected and inter-related causalities. Inducing a high frequency in one aspect will resonate in a lot of different areas. What activity brings you joy?

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