😇 5 Rituals towards High Vibrations

Ed 95: Daily In-Pulse TL;DR You change your life when you set rituals, not routines. You don’t design your successful life with your routine, you set rituals to design a new successful life.

Hey #fellowhighbrator, Happy Friday! How are you feeling today? I pray this email brings you so much love, joy, peace, abundance, and happiness! Wanted to share an important update that I had shared yesterday too. The In-Pulse newsletter will now be published weekly starting next week. This will be published every Friday at the same time that you receive it today. When I started publishing daily, it was to add more positivity, hope, love when the circumstances around me were overwhelming. A big reason for that was when India was going through the second wave of coronavirus. I feel we have now passed that stage with a lot of gratitude for life, although everyone I know had someone or the other within their first network that was impacted by the virus. Another reason is to add more meaning and some more juice to the content by giving myself a little more time to reflect on my own journey of higher vibrations. If you feel you would like to unsubscribe, you can do so by scrolling down and clicking the unsubscribe link. Sending you so much love as always!

☄️ What’s Vibing Today

You know how rituals can drastically help you change your life. Just wanted to share some of the rituals I am looking to incorporate into my life. I would love to know what you are working on to integrate into your life too! Let me know in the comments. Here goes mine:

  1. Early rising (Daily): I am looking to start my day early. This is on top priority for me this month. I understand this will help me become unstoppable! I plan to start my day with sweating, and gratitude journaling. Although I am slowly making improvements, I am still a long way to go! My goal is to wake up at 5 am and have drastically made changes to wake up currently at 7 am from my usual quarantine at 9 am.

  2. Scheduling (Daily): I remember my days back at school. We usually had a set timetable? I was wondering the other day while journaling as to what happened as we grew up? As I was looking to have more productivity and relationships, I realized that the things that I scheduled are the things that got done. There is some magic in writing your schedule on a planner. I am blocking times for things that matter to me and sticking to them. This is really helping me get hold of my life. I am looking to shift from daily planning to weekly planning (it's easy for me to currently daily plan)

  3. Learning (Daily): I am trying to make time to absolutely learn every day. I am looking to schedule 60 minutes a day for my learning. usually, I am booking a 30-minute slot for an online course on Udemy and another 30 minutes to read. Your everyday learning can be through an audiobook, a podcast, writing your journal, or even reading this wonderful newsletter ;) Learning every day is surely going to take you places. If you are letting your days go by, start scheduling 30 minutes of your time daily to learn something about your craft. You will thank me later.

  4. Reflecting (Weekly): I had a big break in the last month of 2020. In the holiday season, I started reading the book the Mastery Manual. It has a lot of questions to think and journal on and my practice to reflect deeply started. I quickly have learned so much about myself and my life. Although, I did start reflecting a lot since my solitude and spiritual awakening days, this manual has helped me move closer to my purpose. it’s not very common to reflect these days. It was earlier. Taking long walks, journal, conversing with friends, how much time are you spending in silence, solitude, and stillness. Just thinking. Make this at least a weekly ritual. What’s the impact you are making? What is the one project you do over the next three months that will change the game?

  5. Over delivering (Bi-Weekly): I was working with a designer some months back. It was a challenging part where the work was not up to the mark. I started to question myself if I have very high expectations or am I looking to have things perfectly. I realized it's not wrong to expect quality when you pay someone. I started to relate this thought to my work. It’s rare to see people go the extra mile. You can generally get what you expect or less than what you expect. A world-class business will always look to provide opportunities to give you more than you expect. Show something that is rare in today’s world.

💙 Community Conversation: What rituals are you building this month?

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🎴 The Big Picture

Q) Spirit, what messages do you have for #fellowhighbrators for their careers or businesses this weekend?

The Sun

The Sun is such a positive card! The Sun is abundant and magnificent and blessing you with everything that is there in nature to offer. You are basking in the glory of the Sun and in a way, feel extremely connected and positive about your circumstances today. Your creativity, inspiration, and ideas are at an all-time high. The sun is all about showing up and providing its sparkling radiance.

Are you feeling inspired to start something today? Do you feel you can take decisive turns to move closer to your personal wealth? If you feel like taking that big step or initiating that huge project, the spirit says that the whole universe and its creation is with you and is helping you align with the radiance that you have to offer. Offer love and wealth will follow.

While you move closer to extreme abundance. The energy today is joyful, inspirational, and fulfilling with huge amounts of creativity, positivity, and a chance to manifest your dreams. Find grace, and take inspired action based on your positivity and generosity. Know that everything is unfolding beautifully and at the right divide time. Open your world to possibility.

🌈 High-Vibe Bites

💯 I am working on my 100 Days Life Project with my accountable partner. I am realizing how accountability helps you start sustained in the long run. There is a reason why we wish for a supporting life partner. There is a reason why you look for a nice life coach. Staying accountable in an environment where your growth is something that is normal, will help you vibrate higher really fast! My accountable partner for my 100 Days Life Project brought me back on track when I was looking for a deviation. And I feel so happy to stay on this path.

☀️  My morning today was filled with refreshing abundance! After a big jog, I decided to sit down and perform mindful mediation. The next 10 minutes of my #Day49of100DaysofJoy was pure bliss! For 100 days, I am performing an activity that gives me immense joy. What brings you joy? Would you do it for the next 100 days with me?

🦋 Today’s Best Read

To vibrate higher sustainably, your rituals will take you places. Rituals will generally include two to three good habits performed together in a time period!

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😇 How rituals raise vibrations
Hey #fellowhighbrator, how are you feeling today? I had one of the best nights of sleep after quite some time. Since the start of the pandemic, one thing that has disrupted my life to some extent is my sleep cycle. It just feels extra nice when you had a good day and then a good night of sleep! Btw, what has been the biggest disrupter in your life since……
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